Brandon Rothenberg

Before co-founding Alchemy, Brandon was an award winning producer for MRB Films, where he managed managed a wide range of creative productions, whether three individuals trekking across Alabama for a documentary, or a team of fifty closing down a street and literally making it rain for a power company TV spot.  Always a keen eye for talent, Brandon assembles the best and brightest teams for any project, and works with them to create powerful narratives and effective messaging. The process informs, and often times: Brandon is the one making sure it is informing it.  With a true compass to cut through the bullshit, and the vision to guide projects through the dark, Brandon is committed to create the most compelling content, on time and on budget.


Richard Akerson

Born in Istanbul to what can only be described as a bunch of local expats, journalists, film critics and artists, that shaped his passion for seeking the truth of a story, and telling it with style. He has a knack for understanding the larger narrative whole, while zeroing in on all the important little details and beats that matter. Prior to co-founding Alchemy, Richard has been an editor and creative producer in DC for the past 17 years, with a heavy focus on NGO, non-profit, and advocacy work. But really, he’s done it all. Richard uses his understanding of how people think, feel, and learn to build powerful, moving stories and experiences.



Every Organization has a story that needs to be told.   Everyone has a story that matters.

So what matters to you?

At ALCHEMYwe are storytellers driven to tackle tough communications challenges. From integrated social media outreach to live events, or in depth short form documentaries, we’re not afraid of big ideas or the soft touch. Anyone can make a video, but not everyone can tell a captivating narrative.



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A Full Service Production Boutique





Events are unique...physically bringing people together to your message and brand.  

In a day when we are separated from our stakeholders by screens and media inundation, that experience matters more than ever.  

We bring together technical expertise, communications strategy, and creative vision to plan, create, and manage events that have impact.  

Whether it's telling stories that have never been told before, or codifying and defining the essence of your organization, we bring compassion, understanding, integrity, combined with strong journalistic sensibilities to craft a vision that engages minds and narratives that sparks action.


From reaching out to, and beyond the mainstream, or just building ties to your stakeholders, we excel at connecting your audience to your message and your mission.

Need a location scout? Casting, crew, shooting, editorial, green screen, compositing, motion graphics, or sound design?

We can help guide and finish your project  by integrating seamlessly into your production pipeline.

With an attention to creative detail, our team will be your collaborators to help elevate and tell your story.



Don Goodwin

Director and Producer specializing in strategic planning and execution of large scale special events and conferences. I create experiences that move people.


6ix Shoota

Director and Cinematographer with an eye for the evocative and a mind for the impactful.  I’m Director and producer for the network Revolt TV, continue to lead the production of content for the D.C. Tourism Board. I'm currently working on a documentary for HBO and the Serial podcast.



Elise Bui

Researcher and Data Analyst with experience in government, education, and the private sector. I work with target audiences to test message effectiveness and assess campaign impact.


Jordan Lipstock

Motion Graphics /Matte painter / environment visual effects artist. I work in film, video games, commercials, advertisements, and architecture. Whatever your imagination can come up with. Part of the Oscar winning visual effects team on Disney’s The Jungle Book


Everyone has a story that matters.  We are there to capture and distill those moments.  In the field, at an interview, in the edit suite.  Every image, every sound, every frame should drive the message forward



We've been in the business a while, and one of the things we've found out is what works and what doesn't.  It all starts with the right talent.  That's why we assembled a team of intensely creative, designers, thinkers, and producers,  who know what it takes to get the job done, and bring their knowledge, expertise and craft to any project. 

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Our process engages you as our partners and collaborators. We are not just there to create compelling content, or experiential live events, but to bring confidence and stability early in the process. We work together to grow and protect your brand and your message.

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